About us


Founded in 2007 as the 51st Chapter of a global RMHC network in 62 countries, RMHC Korea advocates for the health and wellness of critically ill children and their families when they need it most. We find, create, and pioneer partnerships and programs that directly improve the lives of children and their families. 

Under the slogan “Keeping Families Close”, our vision is to create a world where all children have access to medical care, and families are supported to be actively involved in their children’s lives. We are changing the lives of families around the world.
We care for the lives of children and their families by providing housing accommodations, medical treatment assistance, educational support, and compassionate family care. We help families find strength, support, and smiles.

RMHC started as a small shelter

Since 1984, RMHC has been a pioneering global nonprofit organization that provides care and support programs for critically ill or injured children and their families. With a focus on essential care and resources for children in their own communities, RMHC operates in a global network of over 60 countries to work for the health and well-being of children around the world.
Global RMHC

Logo & Slogan

RMHC Korea Logo

The RMHC logo represents employees, volunteers, partners, and communities working in unison for the children and families in need.


RMHC Korea’s core business revolves around House operations. We provide a home away from home free of charge so that the families can focus on the wellbeing of the children.


The heart represents love and compassion that is at the core of RMHC. We serve with love at heart and mind.

Raleway | Hands

The hands held together represent the work we do with children and the protection we provide so that they can rise above and through their circumstances.

RMHC Korea’s Slogan

Embracing the miracle of collectiveness, we believe in the magic coming together as one. Our shared strength can safeguard the smiles of children and their families as we pave the way for love and comfort to find the way into their lives.

“ Keeping Families Close ”