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    [Donations] How can I become a Donor?
    Go to the ‘DONATE’ menu and sign up for Individual Donation. Businesses and Organizations may post inquiries on the bulletin board.
    Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions: 02-723-2013 / rmhc@rmhc.or.kr
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    [Donations] Should I submit my Resident Registration number to become a donor?
    Your Resident Registration number is required for the tax deduction receipts.
    When using direct debit(CMS) for donations, you are only required to provide your Date of Birth(DOB).
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    [Donations] Can I use the CMS under the name(s) of others?
    With the consent of the payment account holder, as long as the account number and its holder’s official DOB are confirmed, you can use CMS even if the sponsor’s name does not match the payment account holder’s name.
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    [Receipts] Are financial donations under the name(s) of my children or spouse tax deductible?
    Since Aug. 3, 2011, as per the Income Tax Law (Art. 50), financial donations by your spouse and dependents(lineal ascendants and descendants, brothers & sisters and foster children) are tax deductible. Where, each of your registered dependents’ annual income should be no more than KRW 1 million. Financial donations by any dependents who are entitled to the basic deduction for another family member are not tax deductible. The change of givers’ names or the total family donation certificates cannot be re-issued.
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    [Receipts] What should I do to get the receipts for my donation?
    1. National Tax Service’s online return service- Go to https://www.hometax.go.kr/ to view your donation details.
    * Only members whose Resident Registration numbers have been provided can use the service. If you have not provided your Resident Registration number, please call RMHC Korea (02-723-2013) for registration.

    2. Mail service: Receipts for your donation are issued in January of the following year and sent to the address provided.
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    [Receipts] If my financial donation exceeds the tax deductible limit, is it still tax deductible?
    Tax deductible financial donation limits
    - Individual : Up to 30% of income / - Corporate : Up to 10% of income
    *Since Jan. 1, 2010, the excess amount is carried over to the next year for tax deduction.
    (Up to 1 year for statutory donation; up to 5 years for designated donation)